Timberland and Forest Products Finance

Why John Hancock?

  • Long-Term Partner: Your timberland and related assets are long-lived investments that are appropriately financed with long term capital.  Our investment needs are long term as well. With over 50 years of experience in timberland and forest products finance, we have come to appreciate the cyclical nature of the business and have developed a constructive and thoughtful approach to helping borrowers through the eventual downturns. We focus on directly-sourced transactions, so we strive to maintain strong, customer-focused relationships. Our lending relationships are confidential and long-term, with many dating back to the 1990s.


  • Well-Structured, Cost-Competitive Financing:  Your financing will be competitively priced and carefully structured, based on a review of your needs and the assets being financed.  Your account officer has professional experience in the timber and forest products industries, and remains your point of contact after the transaction closes.


  • Efficient Closing Process: John Hancock’s staff and its outside legal and forestry advisors are typically able to close a real estate transaction, including title work, in 30 to 45 days.  Our advisors are specialists in timberland transactions who know the important issues to focus on. 


  • Post-Closing Services for Timberland Mortgages: Our knowledge and experience in real estate and our commitment to customer service after funding enable us to respond to requests promptly and effectively.